Open Track & Field Meetings

QuadKids Open - Sunday 27th June 2021


Year 3 Boys - Howler, Long jump (with run up!), 60m, 600m

Luke Gordon - 21.73m, 2.81m, 11.7s, 2.42.9

Daniel Gordon - 19.53m, 2.56m, 11.5s, 2.31.8


Year 4 Boys - Howler, Long jump (with run up!), 60m, 600m

Maximilian Gair - 16.45m, 2.99m, 10.9s, 2.13.7

James Close - 20.00m, 2.38m, 11.5s, 2.22.2


Year 3 Girls - 60m, Howler, Long Jump, 600m

Eleanor Young - 11.10s, 8.38m, 1.23m, 2.30.2

Talis Sterling - 11.0s, 7.51m, 1.50m, 2.37.1

Christina Tusheva - 12s, 4.36m, 1.12m, 5.49.0

Poppy Mustoe - 14.4s, 5.50m, 0.99m, 3.15.4


Year 4 Girls - Long Jump, 60m, Howler, 600m

Darcey Oviatt - 1.65m, 11.0s, 11.98m, 2.35.7

Jasmine Gardiner - 1.59m, 11.4s, 10.50m, 2.24.5

Ezri Sunter - 1.53m, 11.6, 7.00m, 2.23.2

Shona Kitchener - 1.41m, 11.6s, 11.38m, 3.20.4

Hollie Baynton - 1.60m, 11.7s, 10.00m, 2.55.0

Arwen Anthony - 1.31m, 12.3s, 10.80m, 2.49.0

Zulfa Ghazafi - 1.38m, 11.8s, 7.30m, DNF


Year 5 Girls - 60m, Howler, Long Jump, 600m

Amari Cambridge - 9.1s, 12.40m, 2.00m, 2.06.5

Olivia Pachula - 9.5s, 16.10m, 1.67m, 2.04.5

Daisy Laurie - 9.8s, 11.40m, 1.60m, 2.18.1

Lyila Timmins - 10.00s, 10.08m, 1.77m, 2.27.9

Summer Nicholls - 10.70s, 10.60m, 1.44m, 2.39.6

Eryn Lewis - 10.70s, 7.83m, 1.49m, 2.21.4

Isla Mustoe - 11.70s, 9.85m, 1.53m, 2.31.3

Zainab Ghazafi - 10.90s, 8.43m, 1.64m, 2.44.8

Eve Millward - 12.1s, 9.00m, 1.40m, 2.45.5


Year 5 Boys - Long Jump, 60m, Howler, 600m

Sam Fortnam - 1.79m, 10.1s, 20.39m, 2.18.6

Toby Wood - 1.91m, 10.3s, 14.60m, 2.09.0

Ben O’Kane - 1.74m, 10.0s, 15.73m, 2.34.2

Callum Yates - 1.72m, 10.4s, 16.90m, 2.31.7

George Baddeley - 1.67m, 10.4s, 11.62m, 2.08.8

Freddie Lloyd - 1.60m, 10.5s, 10.67m, 2.31.7

Harrison Ward - 1.62m, 10.9s, 13.00m, 2.38.0


Year 6 Boys - Howler, Long Jump, 60m, 600m

Alexander Gair - 25.03m, 1.90m, 9.4s, 2.07.8

Cole Dallimore - 23.93m, 1.88m, 9.4s, 2.12.4

Logan Griffiths - 23.00m, 1.74m, 9.5s, 2.10.3


Year 6 Girls - Howler, Long Jump, 60m, 600m

Lois Codling - 17.67m, 2.25m, 9.5s, 1.49.6

Layla Gardiner - 20.25m, 1.76m, 10.0s, 2.00.6

Adelina Ducker - 16.00m, 1.76m, 10.1s, 2.28.4

Olivia Posgate - 14.00m, 1.85m, 10.5s, 2.19.2





Competitors and supporters can park in the lower car park, accessed via the lower gate on Podsmead Rd. Post code:  GL2 5AE.  

Officials and Disabled Parking - By the clubhouse, which can be accessed via Poplar Close (Post code GL1 5TX).




Year 3 & 4 – Please arrive at 8.40am

Year 5 & 6 – Please arrive at 10.15am

Numbers to be collected from the desk which will be set up inside the shelter on the first bend of the track. Please bring safety pins as they will not be provided. The entry fee of £5 (cash please!) payable on the day, will help to cover the cost of hiring the track, medals and prizes.

Athletes will be placed in Year groups, as much as possible, and will have a coach assigned to the group to lead them through the events. The groups will rotate around three events – 60m, long jump and howler throw. All athletes will finish with the 600m and get three attempts each at the long jump and howler throw. 


Athletes do not have to do all events, but points are awarded for all events so this means they would be less likely to win overall. For example, if there 8 athletes in the age group, 1st place in each event will get 8 points, down to 1 point for 8th place. The overall winner in each age group will be the athlete with the highest total points. Medals will be awarded to all competitors at the end of the event and a prize will be given to the winner of each age group and category.


Results will be posted by the registration desk on the day, then on the Gloucester AC website as soon as possible after the event. Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers, so will get results out as efficiently as we can.


A number of additional COVID conditions will be in place that you should be aware of in advance:

- Spectators are allowed under EA guidance but please don't bring extended family (aunts, uncles etc!)

- Attendees will need to scan the NHS COVID app poster which will be displayed in numerous places around the facility. If you are unable to scan the QR code please give your telephone number to the registration desk when collecting your number.

- Masks do not need to be worn outdoors but are required within any buildings, including the toilets. Please use the one way system.


These young athletes may not have competed in an event before, so please be encouraging and supportive to all competitors. Parents are encouraged to follow their athletes between the events, but please keep off the track!

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