Club Records

LAST UPDATED:   17-05-2024


Club Records are compiled, maintained and updated by Andy McKenzie


If you are aware of any updates or better performances than those shown, please email me at



Age groups as UK Athletics Rule T3


Records in brown are for obsolete imperial distances or obsolete implements. Times in brackets for imperial track distances are the record time adjusted to the equivalent metric distance to allow comparison with current metric records, i.e. 80yds/75m, 100yds/100m, 110yds/100m, 120yds/110m, 150 yds/150m, 200yds/200m, 220yds/200m, 440yds/400m, 660yds/600m, 880yds/800m, 1mile/1500m, 2miles/3000m, 3miles/5000m, 6miles/10000m




   * = current correct hurdles or implement for age group




   e = estimated time

   mx = mixed competition

   u = unofficial time

   w = wind assisted

   + = intermediate time within longer race

   # = unratified


   Multi-event points are given based on scoring tables in use at the time of the event. Scoring tables were revised in 1985. Where known, points based on the 1985 tables are given in brackets.




   * = 2nd claim member competing for Gloucester AC

   ^ = known to be a senior but may have been U20




   Standards are from the AAA Common Standards Scheme current at the date of the performance (1996 on)

    - = No standards issued


NOTE - the AAA Common Standards Scheme was replaced in 2023 with the England Athletics PB Award scheme, these set a 9-level pathway to recognise improvements in performances, with Level 9 being the top level.  They soft launched on 11 February 2023 and fully came into effect on 1 April 2023.  They are indicated as L1 through to L9.  Any set in the period 11 February to 31 March 2023 have both standards shown.


   Rankings are given based on the day they were set, so it is possible that the performance may have since been beaten.


   W R = World Record

   W 12th = World ranking

   World age15 BP = World Age Best Performance

   EUR age15 BP = European and UK Age Best Performance

   EUR age15 BP* = was European Age Best Performance when set, but has since been beaten

   UK R = UK Record

   UK JR = UK Junior Record

   UK BP = UK Best Performance

   UK Y BP = UK Youth Best Performance (Under 18)

   UK 5th = UK ranking within age group

   UK age15 BP = UK Age Best Performance

   UK age15 BP* = was UK Age Best Performance when set, but has since been beaten


   UK Athletics recognises JM/JL and SM/SL only for Records, all other age groups are recognised as Best Performances


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