Athletics 365 Academy

The Athletics 365 Academy is for individuals age 8 and/or in School Year 4 plus and incorporates track and field training.


The group meet on a Monday and Thursday as follows:


March 2019 – November 2019

Mondays, 5.45-7.15pm – Outdoor at the Blackbridge Jubilee Athletic Track

Thursdays, Session 1: 6.00-7.00pm; Session 2: 6.45-8.00pm – Outdoor at the Blackbridge Jubilee Athletic Track


November 2019 - March 2020

Mondays, 6.00-7.00pm - Indoor at the Crypt School

Thursdays, Session 1: 6.00-7.00pm; Session 2: 6.45-8.00pm - Outdoor at the Blackbridge Jubilee Athletic Track


The cost of each session is 

• £1.50 for indoor sessions 

• £2.00 for track sessions for members and £4.00 for non-members 



Contact us at for enquiries and further information


Email Enquiries will be replied to as soon as is possible for our volunteers. We aim to reply within 7 days of receipt.


The Athletics 365 Academy is currently operating a waiting list due to class size. If you are interested in joining the class, please email, giving your child's date of birth and the evening you would prefer to attend, to register your interest. Please do not just turn up to a training session as we will not be able to accept you. In the past we have had a lot of people who have been on the waiting list for a while who do not take up the offer of a place when they reach the top of the list, therefore we ask that you register for the waiting list every two months, otherwise you will be removed from the list.  Please be patient as the waiting list is quite long.


In exceptional circumstances (defined as either siblings of existing members, or children of coaches and/or committee members), we may be able to accept children of at least 7 1/2 years of age in Year 3, but this will be subject to consideration and approval by two qualified coaches.


What is Athletics 365?

Athletics 365 is a multi-event, young people development programme, which introduces athletes to the fundamental skills of athletics (vital to every sport).   


Athletics 365 focuses not only on how fast someone runs or how far someone jumps or throws but also, more importantly, on developing the technical skills (‘how’ to run, jump and throw) required to perform at full potential and move like a champion. In addition to technical skills, Athletics 365 also looks at an athlete’s physical, mental and emotional development, as well as their lifestyle and social development.


The Athletics 365 programme is broken down into nine progressive stages.  Each stage is represented by colour – red, yellow, green, purple, blue, black, bronze, silver, gold.  Each stage provides athletes with new and progressively more difficult challenges appropriate to their stage of development. Athletics 365 encourages athletes to learn all the skills and events of athletics, and reinforces the importance of a good all round skill base.


Each new member is assessed within 2 weeks of them joining and will be placed into a group which best fits their ability, knowledge and skills.  Sessions will be structured around these stages to allow the group to work through and progress.  This will give them something to work towards and allow them to see their progress.


A book will be available for each Child to purchase for £8 which will cover 3 stages. Once they work through certain activities, a coach will sign off that page and they will move on. Once a stage is completed a wrist band in that colour can be purchased at a cost of £1.50.


The 365 structure will be term time only. Classes will continue during half terms but will be based on recaps and working on more general areas.


Class Size

We will be implementing a limit on the number of athletes within the 365 group on a Monday and Thursday night.  The 365 group has grown since inception to a level which is restricting the level of coaching available and so it has been agreed a waiting list will be set up for anyone new wanting to join the group.   



Athletes are expected to attend the session/sessions they enrol for (during term times) and if they miss a session without prior notice being given (holiday etc) they will have a non-attendance mark.   If an individual receives 4 of these over a term (generally 12 weeks) then we reserve the right to remove them from the class (they will then go onto the waiting list if they want to come back). Athletes with long term injuries/illnesses etc will be exempt from this.


Behaviour of Children (and parents/guardians)

Any athlete or their parent’s/guardians who are disruptive, abusive or behave how we consider inappropriately will be given a verbal warning. Their parent/guardian will be advised of this at the end of the session and a record made of this. If the same person is warned at another session, then they will be given a verbal and written warning. If the same person is warned for a third time then they will be removed from the class.



Athletes will be expected to arrive ready to start at their session start time. This will allow the register to be taken at the start time of the session and the appropriate warms ups to be started. 


Clothing & Drink

We would ask that athletes attend sessions in appropriate clothing and foot wear.  It is important that athletes come prepared for all weather conditions and that in colder periods trousers and coats are brought to training.  


All athletes should also bring a drink with them.



We are a competitive club! In return for the time and commitment put in by our coaches, we expect members (except U9s) to represent the club in the club's targeted competitions which for our age groups are the Youth Development League and Avon League. These competitions are free to enter (as a paid member) and you will be given details regarding dates in advance. It is also appreciated if any parents/guardians attending the competitions with their children volunteer to help with officiating.


"I just want to say how much the boys enjoyed their first taste of athletics this evening! Helen was the coach and they had a great time. The elder said that he couldn't believe how great athletics is!"