Distance Running: Road, Cross-Country, Trail, Track

The club has five main groups for endurance training:

  • Middle distance
  • Senior middle distance (800m to 3000m)
  • Senior long distance - Blackbridge Runners beginners group - beginner / recreational
  • Senior long distance - WHITE group - runners aiming at 5K in 18 to 26 min, 10K in 38 min+
  • Senior long distance - RED group - all standards (sub 14 up to 29 min 5K; sub 29 up to 60 min 10K; sub 65 min up to 2 hour 15 min half marathon)

If you are unsure which group will suit you best, please speak to a coach who will be happy to point you towards the most suitable training group. The details of each group are outlined below.

Middle distance

Coached by

Arthur Daley, Russell Kirby and Peter Jeffery.

Kerry Newell organises a strength and conditioning session at the University of Gloucestershire on Wednesdays and occasional long muddy runs on Sundays. Group members are also invited to join the 5k group on Saturdays at 10:00 and for older members the long run on Sundays

Day & Time

Tuesday 18:15 to 19:30

Thursday 18:00 to 19:15. Meet at 17:55 for 18:00 start


Blackbridge clubhouse

Age group

Ages 11+ (group split according to age and ability)


Middle-distance 800 / 1500 / 3000m / cross-country and up to 5K road for the older members


Coaching for all aspects of these events from beginner level upwards in a relaxed but focused, friendly environment including competitions.


Major opportunities for competing are Gloucestershire Cross Country League and Championships in the winter and Youth Development and Avon Leagues in the summer. There are also a number of open meetings which athletes may enter throughout the summer although this needs to be balanced with training. U17 members may compete in the Midland Track and Field league.

Middle distance

Coached by Paul de-Camps
Day & Time

Tuesday - 18:30 until 20:00

Thursday - 18:00 until 19:30

Sunday - 10:30 until 12:15

Meet Blackbridge clubhouse
Age group

Ages 18+


A committed group of U20 & Senior middle distance athletes competing in high level track and field races over 800m to 3000m in the summer and cross-country and/or Indoor track in the winter. The group meets 3 to 4 times per week and athletes undertake individual training programmes geared to their abilities and event choices.

Senior long distance: WHITE group: 5K in 18 to 26mins, 10K in 38+ mins

Coached by

Arthur Daley

Day & Time

Tuesday - 18:10 for 18:15 start until 19:30. This session is with the Young Athletes Middle Distance group. Also 12:45 for a slightly shorter lunchtime session on the track.

Thursday - 18:55 for 19:00 start until 20:00. Also 12:45 for a slightly shorter lunchtime session on the track.

Saturday - 10:00 (Speedwork or a steady run)

Sunday - 10:00 (long slow run around 11-12 miles with frequently a 6 or 7 mile option)


Tuesday & Thursday - Blackbridge clubhouse


Saturday & Sunday - usually from the Blackbridge clubhouse but some sessions may be from the coach's house in Quedgeley. There can be variation.  if there is a race or event on that day, Saturday's session is often aimed at cross country training during that season.

Age group Ages 16+
Discipline Distance running on road and cross country

For runners aiming to improve or, if a veteran athlete, maintain performances at 5k from 18 to 26 mins and 10k in over 38 min. Runners can follow an individualised programme when aiming at specific races including half and full marathons.


In winter the focus is on cross country racing.


Varied speed work – reps (hills and flat), intervals, fartlek and tempo runs. 


This group’s work follows a programme enabling runner's  progress to be identified.  This programme can be varied to meet individual needs and the group ethos is based on racing frequently.

Senior long distance: RED group: all standards

Coached by

Ian Summers ('Lofty')

Dave Gresswell


Tuesday (Summer): Grass playing field

Tuesday (Winter): Track (£1.50 fee)

Thursday (Summer): Road, trails

Thursday (Winter): Road


18:45 for 19:00 start until 20:00


Blackbridge clubhouse

Age group

Ages 11+ (Tuesday)

Ages 18+ (Thursday)


Distance running on road and cross country and track


Sessions are designed for all standards so everyone can work towards their own goals - whether it be to break 14 mins or 29 mins for 5K, or 1 hour 05 or 2 hours 15 for half marathon.


Varied speed work –  reps (hills and flat), intervals, fartlek and tempo runs


On Tuesdays the coaches aim to create variety in running and no two sessions, which are designed to fit runners of all abilities, are the same


Sessions are designed to prepare runners for the upcoming season's events on road and cross-country

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