Officials are essential to athletics competitions. Without Officials there can be no competitions. Without competitions there is no point coaching athletes!


We have to provide a specified number of officials at all league meetings we compete in. If we fail to provide these officials, we are deducted points from our team score. In 2012 we were relegated from Division 1 of the Midland Track & Field League because we could not provide a Timekeeper in the last fixture - we received a 5 point penalty and this cost us our place in the Division as we finished the season 3 points adrift of survival.


More information can be found on the England Athletics website.

How to get started as an Official

Click the buttons below to download booklets giving for details of the officiating positions available.


Officiating courses are run regularly and if you can help out, you will be doing your club a great service. It is also a very good way to get right up close to the action, rather than being restricted to being a mere spectator. Click on the images for full size versions or click on the buttons to download as pdfs.

Level 1 Assistant Official

Level 2 Track & Field Official

Level 2 Endurance Official

Annual Records of Experience

Officials must complete annual Records of Experience and submit these each year (by the end of September for Track & Field, by the end of August for Endurance) to the County Officials Secretary. Track & Field Levels 2c, 3, 4 & 5 must also send to the Tri-Regional Secretary.

The County Officials Secretary is Albert Gardiner

The Tri-Regional Secretary is Barry Parker

Track & Field
Record of Experience Form.xlsx
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Important notice re: levels from April 2016

Realignment of levels revisions from April 2016
Simplifying the Officials Pathway - Renu
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